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cover - Nomad GirlNomad Girl
Nomad Girl
My Adventures with Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Lee Hooker, the Dalai Lama and more

Since childhood Niema Ash craved adventure. This craving launched her on a life journey that embraced Morocco and Tibet, to meeting the Dalai Lama, and to connecting with performers, such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and John Lee Hooker, before they were recognized as legends. Nomad Girl is her account of this remarkable story.

Niema looks back to her teenage years when she met her first husband, South African musician, Shimon Ash, on a trip to Israel. Together they set off on a hitch-hiking adventure through East Africa, which was cut short when Niema discovered she was pregnant. Many might have accepted pregnancy as a call to settle down into conventional domesticity. But not Niema Ash. Moving to her home city of Montreal, the couple opened The Finjan - a coffee house and folk and blues music club that came to embody the beating heart of the new, emerging culture of the sixties. Most of the musicians who performed at the Finjan stayed at Niema's home to save on expenses. And it was there, in her kitchen, talking into the wee hours, that she got to know them. "A few became lifelong friends, a few became lovers and a few became famous". Written with compassion, humour, warmth and love, in vivid prose, this is a book to savour.

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Diana Dors bookConnecting Dors
Connecting Dors
The Legacy of Diana Dors

Connecting Dors is the only official story of film star Diana Dors. Written in collaboration with Diana's son Jason, it tells the amazing story of impossible dreams coming true, the rewards and pitfalls of celebrity, and the legacy of Diana Dors.

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cover - Travel with my DaughterLoreena McKennet book
Travels with Loreena McKennitt
My Life as a Friend

Travels with Loreena Mckennitt is not only a must for every Loreena Mckennitt fan but for everyone interested in the phenomenon of 'Celebrity'. Offering the reader a backstage pass into a world behind the footlights, it focuses on two friends and the impact on their friendship when one rockets to stardom.

This is a tale where friendship, fame and travel converge with dramatic consequences..

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cover - Travel with my DaughterEuropean Edition
Travels With My Daughter
Montreal to Marakesh

Travels With My Daughter is much more than a travel book. In Niema's travels to Greece, to the Yeats summer school in Ireland and, most importantly, to Morocco with her teenage daughter, she introduces us to characters, scenes and incidences - risqué, dangerous and profound, with a literary skill that transforms the reader into participant. It also turns a world of convention and protocol upside down, in an honest and often humorous account of an extraordinary mother-daughter relationship many only dream about. Travels With My Daughter is a celebration of travel, motherhood and life itself.

Niema Ash is that rare and most admirable character – a born writer. Bravo!

Irving Layton

Niema Ash’s prose is soaring…I was beguiled.

The Mail On Sunday

A delightful read…you’ll enjoy this one.

The Canada Post

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cover - Touching TibetTouching Tibet
Touching Tibet
A Journey into the Forbidden Kingdom With a foreword by THE DALAI LAMA (previously Flight of the Wind Horse)

A perceptive critic said "Niema Ash is the ideal author of a travel book – passionate, curious, self-critical – with a rare ability to describe not only the outward appearance of a foreign land, but to evoke, in splendidly vivid prose, its very essence". These qualities are especially evident in Touching Tibet.

Excellent – Niema Ash really understands the situation facing Tibet and conveys it with remarkable perception

Tenzin Choegyal (brother of the Dalai Lama)

Mesmerising….Book of the week.

The Sunday Times

Almost surreal in its assemblage of improbably colliding facts – a marriage of the bizarre and the beautiful that chills the spine as often as it warms the heart.

The Times

Reading the book is the next best thing to being there

Glen Mullin, Tibetologist

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